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Seven principles of Lean Software Development

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Can you believe the software development community (as innovative as we like to believe we are) continues to borrow concepts from a manufacturing process that dates back to the 1920’s? In many ways, the movement to Agile software development began with a base understanding of the teachings of manufacturing organizations like Toyota and Ford Motor Company. In this introductory discussion, Jason will define Lean Software Development and delve into “7 Lean Software Principles” for your consideration. These principles, in many ways, mirror the work Taichi Ohno and other process innovators (Deming, Toyoda, Shingo) developed many years ago with the Toyota Production System (TPS). We’ll get back to some “process roots” and talk about how adapted methods can still be used to deliver value, learning, and engagement in your organizations.



Jason’s background includes management consulting, software development consulting, product management, and leading Agile (Scrum, XP, Lean) adoption programs with clients over the last 15 years. His specific experience with Agile spans the last 8 years.

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“Integrating Agile Concepts into your Company’s SDLC”

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