2017 PDD Sessions

2017 PDD Sessions



Jermaine Davis

Driving Results with Cooperation and Collaboration

Have you ever wondered what separates high-performance teams from low-performance teams? Are your colleague’s crystal clear about the teams’ unique purpose, vision, and goals? In this engaging presentation - Dr. Jermaine Davis will highlight the differences between real work and fake work and how to get everyone aligned and moving in the same direction. He will share his latest research on how to cultivate a healthy communication climate and work environment that inspires a team culture of creativity, innovation, and collaboration. Dr. Jermaine will equip audience members with the key principles and practices of Thriving as a Team. This presentation is based on Dr. Jermaine’s bestselling book, Leading with Greatness! Moving from Chaos and Conflict to Communication and Cooperation.  After this engaging keynote, participants will leave learning how to:

  • Communicate up, down, and across their organization utilizing the Influence Factors of Thriving Teams
  • Manage cynical thoughts and negative behaviors utilizing the QBQ Approach
  • Increase team morale and motivation utilizing the N.E.W. Framework
  • Build a high trust team culture utilizing the C + C = Trust Equation
  • Resolve team conflicts utilizing the practices of Courageous Conversation



Bo Ryan


Having been a high school and collegiate basketball player before becoming an award-winning Big Ten basketball coach, Bo Ryan knows how to lead from the center court, as well as from the sidelines. As PDD 2017 comes to a close, Ryan will share what he’s learned about leadership throughout his illustrious career. As the voice of experience, Ryan will speak from the heart as he translates the secrets to his success from basketball to project management. Attendees will learn that when it comes to leading a team, it doesn’t matter if it’s on the basketball court or in the office – the key tenets of leadership hold true.  



Annie Meehan

THE RIDE OF A LIFETIME – Goal Setting | Change Management

Annie shares her story about The Ride of a Lifetime. Annie shows, with her simple story, how a goal can be reached, how you can make an impact on others, and reaching further than you thought possible. What started out as a fun idea for Annie and her friend became one of her most challenging and exciting experiences in her life. She shares her story and the stories of others and why they were on the same ride.


After this presentation you will understand how to RIDE:

  • Reaching – How to land among the stars
  • Integrity – When to not let others stop you
  • Decisions – How to stick and stay
  • Encouragement – Where encouragement and expectations meet



Dr. Mary Cannata

Pre-requisites for Successful Agile Projects

Are you planning to use Agile methods as a software development framework for the first time within your organization? Have you introduced Agile as a new method but are not sure Agile is being leveraged to its full extent? How can you ensure your projects are positioned for success? Your success depends on how you prepare the organization for Agile methods. 


Agile is oftentimes bought and sold as a product that can solve problems such as a lack of speed to market, poor quality, and customer dissatisfaction.  However, Agile is not a silver bullet and cannot correct years of poor project history.  Project success can be improved by thinking of Agile as a culture and not as a product or family of processes. Gain insights on the pre-requisites required within the organization for Agile methods to be fully leveraged and adopted.


This presentation will address:

  • What are the conditions necessary for Agile?
  • How important are these conditions for having a successful Agile project?
  • How critical is culture to implementing Agile?
  • What is the right kind of culture for Agile?
  • How do we determine if our organization has the right organizational culture to support Agile?
  • What are the common mistakes organizations make when attempting to implement and adopt the Agile framework?



Mike Marco

Agile PMO Concepts - Strategic, Tactical and Operational Goals Within an Agile PMO

Often, a corporation is a number of isolated islands, which operate with their own individual goals and objectives. As a result of this, strategic objectives are not met, change occasionally, which result in lower ROI, inefficiency, and high turn over. To avoid these problems, corporations must apply and utilize enterprise project management approach, which would help them integrate and align strategic, tactical, and operational goals. This presentation covers the practical and theoretical aspects of “enterprise project management.” It provides the materials for the experienced managers, working within project portfolio environment. The seminar will cover following subjects:



  • Multi Project Environment - Project Program/Portfolio Management
  • Agile PMO Model - Alignment of Your Strategic Objectives and Agile 


  • Scrumban/Kanban, Prioritization, Selection and Delivery within Multiple Projects Environment
  • Scheduling and Critical Chain/Throughput Accounting with PM Resource Allocation
  • Branching and Scaling Mechanism
  • Issue, Assumptions, Constraints, Risk and Contingency Management
  • EVMS and Delivery Performance Chart
  • Agile Enterprise, PM Information System and Multiple Projects Environment
  • Cumulative Flow Diagram and Change Management
  • Value Stream Mapping/Lean Development
  • Agile Team and Holacracy
  • PMO Reporting and Dashboards, including Final Report and Lessons Learned
  • Contracting



Brian Vanderjack

Emotional Intelligence For Scrum Masters and Project Managers

Emotional Intelligence(EI) is thought to be more of an indicator of success than IQ.  That is, by understanding yourself, and others, you can better lead in times of stress.  Specifically this seminar will share:

  • What EI is
  • Why it is valuable
  • How to use it to better lead teams


Your presentation was really great - very dynamic and engaging!  And we had a lot of fun!

Thank you so much! Perhaps we will "do business again" in the future! Diana D.


“I would recommend Brian to anyone interested in hearing a great presentation that is both interesting and informative.” Emman R.


“He went above and beyond my expectations and provided me with tools that I will likely use throughout my career.” Jennifer W.



Brian Vanderjack @ BrianVanderjack.Gmail.com/773-217-0008




Gary Pedretti

Agile Architecture – Ideals, History and a New Hope

Application and Enterprise Architecture has been put through its paces in the agile world over the years... 

* Ideals: architectural work inside the development team, shortening the design-to implementation loop as much as possible

* Misinterpretations: "We don't need no stinking Architects!" screamed the Keyboard Cowboys

* The inevitable backlash of misinterpretations, lack of craft, and the inertia of the status quo: Architectural Epics and Runways continuing to encourage a split between business and technology, command-and-control capital-"A" Architects


Where are we now? What have we learned? More importantly, what have we forgotten? Could "The best architectures...emerge from self-organizing teams," as suggested by a principle that backs the Agile Manifesto? No, really? Now more than ever, we need to go back to the core principles of agility, craftsmanship, and evolutionary architecture. This talk will review the history of architecture in the agile development world, explain common pitfalls, and provide concrete patterns and practices for growing and maintaining application and enterprise architecture in a sustainable, agile way.



Jack Stahlmann – The Don’t Flinch Guy

Workplace Communication

 "All the world's a stage," and this session proves that point. Taking a cue from his acting days, Jack uses the tricks of Tinseltown to improve co-worker camaraderie. With appearances on Cold Case and Days of Our Lives, and experience as a film director and producer, Jack Stahlmann brings a unique lens to a classic corporate problem. This session is sure to bring laughter and fun, but more importantly, it will expose positive communication tactics that you can take back to the office. In this session, you will:

  • Learn effective communication strategies to connect with “difficult people” (not that your office has any of those).
  • Hone communication skills by using the “yes and” philosophy that creates improved conversations both in and out of the workplace.
  • Knock down communication barriers to avoid becoming the office Debbie/Donny Downer.
  • Discover how to bottle the “it” factor that movie stars possess and bring that to your job every day.



Gregg Steinberg

Finding your Peak Performance State by mastering your emotions

Facing a continual barrage of tasks on a daily basis, and trying to be perfect at each one, causes many project management professionals to feel completely drained of energy and unhappy by day’s end. To stay ahead of the game, you need to master your emotions. When you master your emotions, you will be able to enter your Peak Performance State (PPS) on a daily basis.


Dr. Gregg has developed an emotional mastery system comprised of 3 essential steps to help find and sustain your PPS :

Step 1: Become Emotionally Aware of when you have performed brilliantly. Everyone is unique and so are your emotions associated with your best state. You must become emotionally aware before you can control your emotions.

Step 2: Create primers related to your PPS. Participants will learn how to individualize their peak state by creating images, words, and actions centered around their PPS.

Step 3: Develop your PPS as a Daily Routine. To push your emotions in the right direction, attendees will learn how to develop daily routines that promote their best state, time and time again. In that way, you be able to enter your PPS when life gets difficult.


Key take-aways:

  • Boost your confidence when failure arises
  • Channel the negative energy of fear into positive action
  • Learn to be proactive and take action to experience success
  • Stay inspired on your trek to the top
  • Overcome obstacles to be highly resilient
  • Ward off burnout and low levels of motivation
  • Be highly productive in any situation


This session will help you to thrive on the inside, regardless of what is occurring on the outside.



Gregg Steinberg

How to turn pressure into your advantage!

Stress is typically seen as bad. However, the most successful individuals in sport and business know that stress can supercharge your performance. Stress can make us jump higher, see clearly and even think better, if we harness it’s power – this is a rarely understood principle.


This presentation hits all the marks with stress. First, Dr. Gregg shares with you how to effectively reduce your stress but he also will illustrate how to use the power of stress as a positive. With many applied exercises and tips, Dr. Gregg shows you how to turn your stress into your advantage.


Key take-aways:

• Using stress to supercharge your performance

• Greater health and wellness

• Stress reduction

• Less burnout



Gregg Steinberg

Emotional Toughness University overview

Given that attendees have access to the Emotional Toughness University on-line course, this session is a general overall of the course. The course is broken into 6 emotional strengths. When you master these strengths, you will have emotional toughness and be successful in whatever you do from business to sports to relationships.

  1. Emotional Awareness: This section teaches emotional awareness. You must be aware of your emotions to change them.
  2. Emotional Preparedness: This section teaches how to be emotionally ready for every situation and this promotes confidence.
  3. Emotional Bravado. This section teaches you to effectively deal with your fears and anxiety. This section will show you how to turn anxiety into your advantage.
  4. Emotional Connectedness. This section teaches you to be emotionally engaged in the moment which promotes focus and concentration.
  5. Emotional Drive: This section teaches you how to stay motivated and inspired, regardless of what is happening on the outside.
  6. Emotional Balance. This section teaches you how to stay balanced which will prevent burnout.


Each section of the on-line course has videos, articles and applied exercises for you to gain emotional toughness at work and in your life. 



Scott Wellee


Today’s competition is brutal and the pressure to perform can be suffocating. What are you doing to stay ahead and keep from burning out? Outperform The Norm upgrades the only two factors that matter in human performance and function: Your Brain + Your Body. Together, they raise your game and allow you to reach the highest level of personal and professional excellence.


Learn to:

· Condition a mindset for maximum growth and success

· Unleash sustainable energy, stamina and physical vibrancy

· Challenge limiting beliefs about yourself you didn’t know you had

· Adopt mental routines for increased confidence and resiliency


This is a dynamic, high-energy presentation that will unlock your competitive advantage and give you an effortless action plan to put into place immediately. And you’ll have some fun too :)





Shannan Paul

Cultural Sensitivity for the Accidentally Insensitive

This presentation uses personal anecdotes and real world situations to teach the audience how not to be “that person” who walks blindly into an awkward situation. Miss Shannan will keep you smiling and keep people of other cultures smiling along with you.


Topics included in her presentation include:

· History: Why you should grab a book and learn some.

· Stereotypes: How do you identify and ignore them?

· Conflicts: Can’t we all just get along?

· Stumbles and Pitfalls: How to keep your foot out of your mouth when meeting new people.



Susan Brushafer

The Key to Project Management Success

Max Wideman, known for his contributions to the profession of project management, has said that communication is the life blood of projects: “Without people nothing gets done and without communication nobody knows what to do.” Project managers may agree with Wideman’s wisdom and strive to make communication happen. But, without direct authority over owner executives, project participants, and other stakeholders, the best intentions put in place for clear, concise communication can get sidelined. In this session, we’ll define the importance of communication in a project, explore potential obstacles, and clarify how to make effective communication possible throughout the life of a project. Presented in a checklist-to-go format, participants will discover how their own communication practices provide the key to the success of the projects they manage. 



Tyler Olson

The Accelerating Evolution of Cyber Security – What you need to know to protect you and your organization

In recent years - Sony, Morgan Stanley, Uber, and even the IRS have all been hacked. Now more than ever, organizational leaders need to know, understand, and fight against Internet Fraud by learning how to protect themselves. In this enlightening presentation by entrepreneur and online security expert, Tyler Olson, you will be shown how these attacks occur and what you need to know to feel secure against common forms of internet fraud such as:

  • Phishing attacks
  • E-mail spoofing
  • Social Engineering
  • Banking / PayPal fraud
  • Unsecured wireless networks
  • Online data breaches
  • Viruses and Malware 


Key Takeaways:

  • Learn what hackers are capable of today through many types of techniques
  • Know what hackers want and how they get it
  • Tips and Tricks for protecting all areas of your digital life
  • The steps you need to take if you know you’ve been hacked




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