Board Members


Your local PMI chapter is run by a volunteer Board of Directors. Each role plays a vital part in growing and sustaining the chapter. The executive board is responsible for the strategic direction of the chapter and we are always working to provide our members with high quality programs and services. We also strive to find the best ways to effeciently maintain the Chapter's ongoing operations.  

If you are interested in serving as a volunteer leader on the Board of Directors, please watch our website and newsletter for the opening of nominations. This usually occurs in early summer, with elections held each fall. 

We also have other open roles within the chapter - check out the opportunities listed or contact us for further infromation.  

Please feel free to contact any of your board members listed below by clicking on their name. We welcome your questions, concerns, and suggestions to make our chapter better.

David Clausen

VP of Finance

Daniel Bennett

VP of Communications and Marketing

Uma Maheshwar

VP of Volunteering

Adrienne Williams

VP of Membership

Open position

VP of Operations

Claude Scher

President Elect

Tim Schumacher

VP of Outreach

Rodney Sutrick

VP of Programs

Kyle McCall


Thomas Guenther

Director of Technology and Tools

Viju George

Director of Social Media

Dina Richman

Director of Speakers Committee

Samir Niljikar